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Francesca Ruggerini's "UNI VERS ELLE"

Francesca Ruggerini is one of the new faces who joined the collective. Today, Le Facteur is presenting you her solo "Uni Vers Elle", a piece produced by the Lenz Foundation supported by Le Facteur. On the performance and choreography Francesca herself, on the dramaturgy Xavier Perez, but they are also joined by Mauro Casappa for the music, Oscar Accorsi on the video and Patrizia Dall'Argine as the dramaturgy assistant.

"Uni Vers Elle" has the figure of Joan of Arc as a starting analysis for its research but it is mostly a research around the body as a sensory channel and speaking tool. Francesca investigates the fusion of three fundamental points - vision, listening, transformation - to transport us into her journey and offers a precise, strong and articulated body to the audience with elegance and grace. A powerful 30 minutes solo that we highly encourage to see and a beautiful growing artist to follow.

Production © LENZ FOUNDATION - Facebook


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