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Unleash the Beasts : A workshop, a music mix and a playlist

If you have joined one of Tamara's energetic class, then you know that "Unleash the Beasts" is the workshop title that she uses when teaching. Most recently, her and Florence Bujard have made one hour mix with the same title, combining their own tracks or the ones from composers they love. But that's not only it! There is also a playlist on Spotify with all the music Tamara plays during her classes. A lot of techno, of course, but also some galactic sounds that will make you imagine you are on another galaxy surfing on the waves of colors and frequencies. All of this for the beauty of your ears and for the party rides of the night.

It's right here, on Soundcloud, for that one hour travel - here, on Spotify for more than six hours of madness and for the workshops...just stay tuned in! Next one in September in Paris.


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