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Alt.Take the new Marion Barbeau & Simon Le Borgne

Partners at the Opera in Paris, but also in real life, Marion and Simon have founded their company "Alt-Take" and what they made during the confinement is a must see. They never stop being creative and propose few short dance clips on their Instagram. Check them out!

Founded in 2019 by Marion Barbeau and Simon Le Borgne, "Alt.Take" explores different languages and characters, with the intention to immerse the audience in a surrealist universe by finding what normally tends to be hidden. Alt.Take finds here the matter of a strange body, a soul who oscillates between the rational and the dreamlike, the monster and the human, the dream and the reality.

Humbly what Marion and Simon wish is to give fragility a chance.

Those two aren't only virtuous dancers, they are also clever players. With their new dance company they deploy their own playground: varying points of view, composing with imperfection, they create a whole new language and what takes shape is a mix of gesture, light and sound.

A space for experimentation, where the irregular takes place at the heart of the choreography.

Le Facteur is happy to welcome Marion to the list of its artists! And cannot wait to share with you their passion and their amazing technique during one of its workshops. For this, you will have to be patient, but not too much: 2021 is almost there!

Photography by Julien Benhamou for the production "La Fille du Fort" ©Alt.Take


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